List of categories from Kobo ebooks.

Kobo offers ebooks in every genre and the list of Kobo ebook categories is detailed below:

Introduction to Kobo ebooks.

Kobo is an international eBookstore that currently sells millions of titles from its website. One of the advantages that Kobo offer is the ability to open the titlesthey offer in may devises, including devices shown below:

devices that kobo works on

What are the advantages of ordering ebooks from Kobo?


  • Kobo have more than 3 Million eBooks on offer, including classics books and bestsellers. There are also more than 1 Million FREE eBooks
  • Kobo are a worlwide company and active in over 150 countries.
  • You can read and access Kobo content on most reader devices and tablets.
  • Ecellent iOS and Android Apps are offered by Kobo
  • All Kobo eReaders come with WiFi funtionality.
  • All devices feature vivid, no-glare screens, with print quality resolution, and seamless page turns
  • Adjustable fonts and sizes depemding on your preferences.
  • Batter up to 1 month. One charge will easily last and entire vacation
  • Kobo tablets feature Web, email, Facebook, music, video capability, and access to the Google Play Store.
  • Kobo has excellent customer service. Home > Kobo UK and Ireland.