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Recycle your old mobile phone for cash - Ireland.

Recycle your old mobile phone, get paid cash and do something good for the environment. There are millions of old phones that are no longer in use in Irish homes and businesses. You can recycle these easily and get paid cash for your old mobile phone.

Listed below are details of mobile phone recycling companies that will accept old phones from the Republic of Ireland and the UK. In many cases phones that are in good working order can be refurbished and sold on for reuse in developing countries. Those that can’t be repaired are recycled and any precious metals and components that can be reused are extracted.

Phone recycling companies Ireland

  dell all in one pc
envirofone recycle
Envirofone Ireland
  Envirofone.com is a mobile phone recycling company that has been operating in the UK and Republic of Ireland since March 2006.Depending on the model, recycle values range from Euro 1 to Euro 150.

  Visit Envirofone Ireland


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