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PC Security
what is a firewall an why do you need one installed?    
  What is a firewall?
A firewall helps to protect your computer from unwanted Internet traffic (e.g. access by hackers). The main function of a firewall is to allow good traffic pass through while blocking ‘bad or malicious’ traffic.

For the home user, installing and using a firewall is the most important initial step you can take to help protect your computer.

It is essential for you to have a firewall (and anti-virus software) in place and turned on before you connect to the Internet.


Why do you need a firewall?

Without a working firewall when you are connected to the Internet, there is a greater chance that hackers could gain access to personal information stored on your computer.

It is possible also that they could install code or instructions on your computer to destroys files or causes computer malfunctions. Your computer could also be used, without your knowledge, to cause problems elsewhere on home and business computers connected to the Internet.

A firewall helps to block many types of harmful Internet traffic before it reaches your system.

What a firewall does not do!

A firewall does not offer you protection against viruses, spam or spyware. You will need to ensure that you also have adequate security software in place and that you keep your software updated. You will find information about virus protection by using the links to the left of this page.

Installing and configuring a firewall is the first step in PC security for homes and small businesses. But please remember - for a firewall to be effective it must be enabled, along with anti-virus software, before you go online.


Firewall software - Free options.

If you are looking for a completely free security option then the only software that we currently recommend is :
Free firewall software :
Zonealarm Free - Excellent free firewall. Again if you wish this can be upgraded to a more complete security suite for a yearly charge. But the free version is a completely working firewall that works well.
Free Virus protection software:
AVG Free
. This gives basic virus only protection and is completely free. You can upgrade to a more complete security suite, but this free version is quite good.



Windows firewall.

If you have Windows Vista or Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) running on your computer your computer will already have firewall protection. The windows firewall is more basic than Zonealarm but if you do not want to install Zonealarm for some reason, you can check to see if your Windows firewall is turned on through the Windows Security Cente


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