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Learn365.net is an online resource for teaching aids, books and all kinds of software.

We feature guides and articles relating to safe Internet use for parents and children.

Lists and reviews of useful software, links to new books and articles related to education in Ireland and the UK are featured on our site.

 Learn365.net features the following on our site:

  • Internet safety articles and information for parents.
  • Articles for Parents relating to Internet use
  • email help, support and advice for parents, children and guardians.
  • Computer security guides - how to secure your PC.
  • Book reviews and links to book selling sites
  • Links to recommended software
  • Software reviews and articles

Latest pages:

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Nuance software titles

Articles and information about the following are also included on our site

  • Understanding Internet threats
  • Basic principles of Internet technology
  • Software tools – including content management
  • Internet security and protecting your privacy
  • Managing your children online
  • Understand social networking (Twitter, Facebook etc.)


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